Community Pressure Against Bannon’s Far Right-Wing Organizing

What follows is a letter that was delivered to the management of the restaurant Andiamos in Warren, Michigan where Steve Bannon, part-time white house staff, part-time white-nationalist, full-time anti-immigrant agitator, is scheduled to speak at a fundraiser event. It was written by an employee who works for a staffing company that Andiamos often contracts its for during events.


To whom it may concern,

I’m a community member and organizer in Warren, and I have pressing concerns pertaining to an upcoming event with President Trump’s former chief strategist, Steve Bannon. I am reaching out to you in hopes that you will halt the event at your establishment, Andiamos located in Warren, on November 8th, 2017. My primary concern is for the safety and security of the people within the community, particularly those that will show in opposition of an individual who is responsible for creating the political climate that is further tearing this country and its people apart.

As you know, fourteen mile road is one of Michigan’s heavier used roads in the area. On any given day, the road is dense and the speed limit is nothing shy of dangerous. In terms of the sheer amount of people that will show in opposition of Bannon, this poses high possibilities of both conflicts and accidents. Taking into consideration the fact that communities are going to show up no matter what, and those numbers may grow to a point where part of fourteen mile becomes occupied with several protesters. Local hate groups — often armed — will undoubtedly be present in support of Bannon, making the situation extremely unsafe. In the aftermath of Charlottesville, vehicular violence is a distinct possibility — whether it is an act of aggression by a white supremacist or simply road rage. By hosting Bannon, you are hosting conflict, violence, and possibly lives lost. Communities that are under attack by Bannon and what he represents will not back down from, nor stand for your company providing these individuals and local hate groups in Warren a platform. Steve Bannon, who promotes the vision of the alt right, has made it his mission to insidiously inject bigoted ultra-nationalist politics into the mainstream and normalize it. Although he has been withdrawn from his position in office, the essence of his bigotry still remains strong within the White House. Steve Bannon’s presence normalizes the language and actions of fascism, racism, sexism, and homophobia.

Since Trump’s election, hate crimes has risen tremendously. The rhetoric spewed by our president is not only embarrassing at times, but also hazardous, as it feeds to a fire of discrimination and oppression of minorities in America. Hate groups like the neo-nazis, KKK, and the alt right movement have somewhat become the norm, with their intentions and violent tactics encouraged by the highest office in the land. These hate groups lash out violently and attack vulnerable people and communities, and they align themselves with the ideals, strategies, and policies of our current presidential administration. Bannon’s presence in Macomb county will not only solidify organized hate groups in the Warren location, but it will also normalize hate crimes and devalue the very livelihood of those affected. I fear that the current local members of organized hate groups, representing fascism and white supremacy, will take this event as an opportunity to collaborate and exchange ideas; further increasing social and economic disparities in macomb county, along with hate crimes and racial tension in multiracial neighborhoods of Warren

I would ask of your establishment to withdraw its hospitality to Steve Bannon, as his presence is more problematic than it is beneficial to the community. People like Bannon and the hate groups who will come out in his support should not be welcomed in this community, and by hosting Bannon you would be complicit in any conflicts that may follow. The people in this community and others are intent on standing their ground in defense of this city by protesting the event. They are willing to put themselves in harm’s way to oppose the proliferation of fascism into our lives and culture.

To disregard this matter is to ignore the very important concerns of fascism and white supremacy rising in our everyday lives. We wish that you would not condone the words and acts of fascists by giving them a platform and an opportunity to spread hate into our neighborhoods.


Community of Warren

A protest is being organized outside Andiamos on Wednesday, November 8 at 5:00pm