Report Back: Movimiento Cosecha Pilgrimage 5 to 9 October

Several Solidarity and Defense Members from across the state participated in the pilgrimage from Grand Rapids to Lansing organized by Movimiento Cosecha Grand Rapids and other chapters from MI, which took place from October 5th-9th. During the pilgrimage, participants walked for hours each day to kick off their campaign for drivers licenses for all. There was a real sense of solidarity between all marchers. During both the march and the rally, we are able to feel high energy and commitment to the cause, singing songs and chanting the entire way – some even danced all day!

It was encouraging to see the Movimiento Cosecha’s support network, which includes churches, immigrants rights groups, local businesses, and leftist political organizations. In fact, one of the largest (and loudest!) groups participating in the march was a contingent from the Bronson Park Freedom Encampment, a park occupation fighting for housing for those experiencing homelessness. This pilgrimage increased Cosecha GR’s reach across the state, increasing their potential and capacity for creating truly mass movement around immigration struggle.

Movimiento Cosecha has 14 principles, and we as S&D identify with them as well. One remarkable, in these times, is the number 4: “We do not dance with political parties”. The clarity of this principle not to campaign for politicians in the Drivers For All Campaign is a strong sign of that, and an example that independant social movement is possible and mandatory! Cosecha’s strategy is to build a movement of the people from below, which relies on collective strength and solidarity rather than false promises. We agree with them!

S&D looks forward to continuing to build with Cosecha in the future towards a mass movement for dignity and protection for all undocumented immigrants!

Cosecha Grand Rapids