Stand Up Against Hate & Islamophobia!

To Live & Love We Must Fight
Counter Demonstration Against the Anti-Muslim Protests in Lansing, Michigan


On June 10th, ACT for America, an Islamophobic hate group, has called for a national “March Against Sharia.” They are coordinating anti-Muslim rallies across the country, including one in Lansing. They use extremist language like “sharia law” to create fear about Muslim people, and justify attacking and targeting all Muslim communities. This action is supported by various right-wing organizations, such as the Proud Boys and other Alt Right groups, that have a long record of promoting hate, racism, bigotry, misogyny, sexism, and fascism.

The march in Lansing is part of this growing racist backlash in the US that groups like ACT for America and various Alt Right groups have been promoting. These groups are dangerous because of their ability to popularize their extremist views. Last week, 2
men were murdered in Portland on a train when they stood up and spoke out against a white supremacist/fascist who was harassing black teenagers, one of them Muslim. The Alt Right groups that helped get Trump elected have been growing, and ACT for America has been welcomed at the White House. We think it’s important to stand up against this budding culture and actions of hate and right-wing extremism.

The future of this world isn’t in their hands, it’s in ours. We came out by the thousands to stand against Trump’s “Muslim ban,” and we need to continue to stand against hate groups like ACT for America and others who are attempting to make their racist and fascist views mainstream.

Come out on June 10th at
9:00 a.m. at the Meijer in Lansing
6200 S Pennsylvania Ave

Anti-racist groups and community members will be there to publicly oppose the fascists from gathering and building support for their ideas. Time to stand up and fight back against hate and Islamophobia! We stand with all people that are being attacked.