Oppose Unite America First Islamophobia

Saturday April 21st
15255 Michigan Ave, Dearborn, MI

On April 21st, the bigots of Unite America First are coming to Dearborn to preach hate against Muslims under the guise of having an “anti-Sharia” protest. It’s time to come out to oppose them and deny their Islamophobia a platform. The bigots of Unite America First claim that the city of Dearborn has been taken over by Sharia law, as if that were even a possibility in the United States! And they make this claim without even knowing the first thing about the multiple interpretations of Sharia! They want to stoke fear in this country and scapegoat all immigrant populations; from the Muslim ban to the southern border wall, their agenda has increasingly gained power since the advent of Donald Trump. Fortunately, we have also been mobilizing against them at every turn.

With the recent massacre of peaceful protestors by Israeli soldiers in Gaza, it’s yet another reminder that the dangers of Islamophobia and the War on Terror have a real human cost. We cannot let these bigots win. We must unite our forces to oppose Unite America First. Do they really believe they can come into our communities and promote our disenfranchisement based on hate and lies?

Unite For America believes Muslims don’t belong in Dearborn or the US. We must stand our ground! The Unite For America Anti-Muslim rally will take place on April 21st in front of the Dearborn Police Department. Solidarity and Defense will be out there to disrupt their event. Now is the time for community self defense! We will be meeting at 10am at the Kroger parking lot on Greenfield and Michigan Ave (15255 Michigan Ave, Dearborn). The politicians and the police will not help us.