FBI Knocks on Doors of Michigan Activists

On March 5th, in opposition to Alt-Right fascist Richard Spencer, we helped to successfully create an anti-fascist movement powered by the needs of the community. As history shows, grassroots organizing efforts like this often draw the attention of the repressive powers of the state, who use intimidation and fear to gain understanding of the inner workings of our networks. The FBI has begun knocking on doors in southeast Michigan, with three confirmed visits to homes of activists. There are no formal charges, nor do we have any reason to believe anyone will be charged at this point.

The Michigan Anti-Repression Committee has formed and is updating their website with the most current information and local resources on how to stay safe and what to do if you’re targeted. Please check out their posts here: http://www.miantirepression.org/

We understand that the idea of this targeting can be frightening or isolating. We continue to stand with M5 defendants through their ongoing court cases. We will continue to resist any attempt at intimidation and remain united and in solidarity with each other. We want to encourage the widespread sharing of information and support each other, in times of both celebration and unknown.

We want to emphasize how important it is to never talk to police, FBI or any state agent. If you, or anyone you know, is ever visited by the FBI or other law enforcement agents:

  • Say only: “I am going to remain silent. Give me your card and my lawyer will contact you.”
  • Contact your nearest National Lawyers Guild chapter to let them know about the encounter. If you are in Michigan, contact the Detroit and Michigan Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild at (313) 925-2626, ex #4.
  • We encourage you to broadly spread word of your experience, which will alert other activists.

In struggle,