This is the “No Peace” Part

Atlanta is burning again after another death at the hands of the police.  The youth have had enough and are refusing to back down despite attempts by police, Trump, misleaders, and the Democratic Party to change the narrative, co-opt the struggle, and narrow the rebellion into acceptable (ineffective) avenues.  The COVID attack has briefly slowed and we are awakening to the most radical moment of possibility in many of our lifetimes.  

   We have seen the state and economy fail to protect us in so many ways over the last few months, it’s almost like the  purpose of the state is to fail us.  This wasn’t a surprise to many.  It wasn’t a surprise to folks in Flint still unsure if their water is clean.  The illusion that this system is here for us is falling apart more and more everyday.  People are coming out of quarantine and don’t want to go back to the way things were. For once in my life it feels like folks have finally reached a point where we aren’t going to back down.

   Solidarity and Defense has long pushed the idea that No One is Coming to Save Us.  We hate Trump and his racist followers, but we also know the Democrats offer no solutions either.  Both parties want to get us back to the work of channeling wealth to 1 percent, while dams burst around us spilling toxic water through our neighborhoods, while our hospitals fail, and our nurses try to protect themselves with plastic bags and hand-sewn masks. What has allowed us to survive through all this? Each other. The real power in this world resides in us.   Workers have been keeping the hospitals afloat and innovating to provide care and safety for each other and all of us, while capitalism fails to provide needed safety equipment and hospitals worried about the bottom line abandoned workers .  We know that the eviction moratorium put in place by the state is temporary and that they have no intention of keeping families in their homes long-term. When the COVID evictions start rolling will we watch as our neighbors get kicked out of their houses, or will we fight together to defend our right to live in this world safely.  Fuck their property and their economy.  It wasn’t built for us.

   When we organize outside and against the state and capitalism new things become possible.  Young people in the US and around the World know this.  In the last few weeks we have seen police abolition move from an obscure topic to a wide-spread demand everyone in power must now consider and deal with.  And this isn’t the result of asking. We have been chanting “No Justice, No Peace” for a long time.  The people of Minneapolis finally made good on that threat. We stand in solidarity with them, and we are ready to fight as well.  

   I don’t think any of us know where this is going.  I hope we continue to fight, find new forms for the struggle, and spread the movement far and wide .  The window is open and historically these opportunities don’t last very long.  A lot of nonprofits and local governments and charlatans will try and defang the movement, by offering folks money for community projects or minor reforms that have already been shown to have no effect.  Later for all that.  We must find ways to expand the struggle.  We stand in solidarity with folks in Seattle and Minneapolis creating autonomous zones.  We march with those in Detroit, Lansing, Grand Rapids, Ypsilanti, who have had enough of this system and who want to live in peace, but will not compromise. We are living in a critical moment where our survival as a species is in question. We cannot survive capitalism and white supremacy.  We must seize this moment and not only demand what seemed impossible only a few days ago, but fight for it as well.