Joining S&D

1. Joining an existing chapter of Solidarity & Defense

Individuals wishing to join an existing chapter need to:
a. Contact the chapter they want to join and say they want to join.
b. Be in general agreement with the S&D mission statement.
c. Participate in local Solidarity & Defense activity.

2. Forming a new Solidarity & Defense Chapter

A group that wants to form a new chapter needs to:
a.  Be two or more people.
b. Members of the potential chapter must have attended at least one
regional meeting and participated in Solidarity & Defense work in
accordance with our mission statement.
c. The potential chapter must be sponsored by an existing Solidarity &
Defense chapter.  Sponsorship means that the existing chapter is in
communication with the potential chapter and that the sponsor chapter
supports the potential chapter joining.
d. Agree with the S&D mission statement.
e. Agree to attend regional meetings on a regular basis.
f. New groups should be prepared to discuss projects they are working on
and projects they would like to work on how they see their chapter and
activity relating to, and growing with, the existing Solidarity &
g. Chapters agree to submit reports on their activity, questions and
organizing challenges
h. New group membership will be voted on at a regional meeting if
supported by 60% or more


Solidarity & Defense Decision Making Guidelines:

Local decisions are up to the local chapters. Anything done in their
name does not need to be approved by the rest of Solidarity & Defense.
A chapter holding an event, putting out a flyer or doing an action and
doing so as a chapter (ie: Solidarity & Defense – Detroit) doesn’t need
permission to do this.  It is encouraged for chapters to let all of
Solidarity & Defense know of decisions they have made that others may
disagree with. There will be disagreements on activity in different
chapters. This is a strength. It is also a strength for chapters to be
open to criticism and be prepared to raise their own disagreements in a
principled way, not in an attempt to disrupt the activity of chapters.

Decisions that affect all of Solidarity & Defense should be voted on by
all of Solidarity & Defense at a regional meeting. Examples include:
changes to mission statement, decision making processes, signing or
distributing statements representing the organization as a whole, etc.
Local Chapters determine how they make their own decisions.

Solidarity & Defense Wide Decisions:

Must be proposed 2 weeks prior to the regional meeting. This allows for
discussion and edits on the listserve.

Major (S&D-wide) proposals should be given significant time at regional
meetings and should be presented with any changes made in response to
feedback on the listserve.  When it comes time to vote the facilitator
should ask if there are any objections.  If there are no objections the
proposal passes.

If there are objections, time should allotted for those objecting to
speak before voting.  If there is agreement on how to address the
objections, the amended proposal is restated.  After 20 minutes if there
is no clear way forward, the decision is tabled until the next regional
meeting. The presenters agree to try to improve the proposal and
initiate further discussion on the listserve.

The renewed proposal will be brought to the next regional meeting. If
there are still objections, 20 minutes is allotted to address them. If
there are still objections, there is a vote by a show of hands for
support, don’t support & abstain. 60% support is required to pass.
Abstentions are not considered part of the vote.