No More Illusions:
A Journal of Solidarity and Defense

No More Illusions is a newsletter written and published by Solidarity & Defense. The newsletter comes out once a month. It includes articles about immigrant solidarity and the fight against state violence as well as anti-authoritarian anti-capitalist perspectives on local politics. It also includes report-backs from actions around the Midwest and pieces on revolutionary theory.

Each NMI article will be posted individually on the Solidarity and Defense blog. You can also download a PDF of the full issues below:

Issue 1_May 2017 (pdf)

Issue 2 July 2017 (pdf)

Issue 3 September 2017 (pdf)

Issue 4 November 2017 (pdf)

Issue 5 January 2018 (pdf)

Issue 6 April 2018 (pdf)

Issue 7 April 2019 (pdf)

Issue 8 February 2020 (pdf)

Issue 9 June 2020

No More Illusions is distributed around the state at events, actions, coffee shops, and more.
In Lansing, you can find it at the following locations.
The Record Lounge
MSU Student Housing Cooperative office
Flat, Black, and Circular
Ruckus Ramen (inside the Avenue)
Spartan Spirits
Mac’s Bar
Everybody Reads
El Oasis
Espresso Royale
Strange Matter
(and we are always looking for more places to distribute them!)

You can also find it in newspaper boxes around Lansing. Current boxes are located at:
– at the Lansing Community College main bus station

for questions, critiques, criticisms, or, if you want a copy mailed to your house, email nomoreillusionslansing at gmail dot com