Response Network

What Is a Rapid Response Network?

We are collaborating and coordinating with groups across the state to build rapid response teams to effectively spread information about state violence. In particular we are hoping to challenge the kidnapping of our neighbors by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Currently there is an active Respuesta Rapida in Detroit. Details about the networks in other cities is forthcoming.

Respuesta Rapida/Rapid Response Detroit

Respuesta Rápida Detroit es un grupo de miembros de la comunidad y activistas organizando una red de respuesta rápida construyendo solidaridad y resistencia de la comunidad contra las redadas de la Migra.

Rapid Response Detroit is a Migra Watch coalition of community members and activists joined as a network building solidarity and community resistance against ICE raids of immigrant communities.



Lansing Immigrant Defense

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  • No human being is illegal
  • Keep families together in their homes wherever they’ve made them
  • All deportations are state violence
  • The purpose of Police and ICE agents is to carry out state violence
  • Build community defense and resistance to ICE
  • Families and individuals know what’s best for them. We center the individual/family’s needs and wants in our decision making process when responding to crises.
  • In the pursuit of these values, we have created an I.C.E. watch and crisis hotline.

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